You cannot beat the price!  $10.00 a year for the ad-version and $100.00 a year for the unlimited GOLD version.   


This program is about giving back.  The current version and all of its’ modules are very powerful, and they will be helpful for coaches and owners of businesses.  We will be adding advertising to the program in the ad version.  Please support our advertisers since they are supporting you.  If you don’t want to use the version with ads, you can upgrade to the GOLD paid version without ads. 


We built this software for 3 main reasons.

  • Sports businesses and school coaches need a program online to help with scheduling, communication, track skills, attendance, learn new drills and share drills with other coaches and communicate with parents. Coaches don’t coach to get rich (been there) and sports businesses do it for the love of kids.
  • We will use banner ads to raise money from advertisers to pay the staff and ALL proceeds go to help kid’s charities. We feel it is really important as a society to give back and the group we choose is kids because they shape everyone’s future.

We have been working on this software since 2016.   You can help us keep it with a low price by sharing it to others. 

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